How to Superachieve

A superachiver is someone who doesn’t just succeed; they succeed overwhelmingly. Think of Christopher Nolan moving from indie-hit Memento to blockbuster Batman Begins in a scant five years, or David Chang taking New York by storm with his highly-lauded Momofuku restaurants, or Jessica Watson circumnavigating the world unassisted at age 16.

In The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well, authors Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield interview highly successful people from a myriad of fields in order to pin down what, precisely, enables someone to be successful.

According to the authors, self-awareness and patience are key traits across all disciplines. Presumably this excludes the fields of reality TV and royalty.

[Why Are Superachievers So Successful – Smithsonian]

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