Islands for Sale

This may shock you, but Canada has 109 private islands up for sale. According to private islands online, “Island buffs know that Canada has more private islands for sale than anywhere in the world.” Now you know that too.

We’ve got everything from little four acre Morans Island in the Bay of Fundy, which will run you $65,000, to Ile Gagnon in Laval, which comes with a massive stone mansion and will cost $29,655,500. There are even a few properties (like the nearly ten acre Strum Island) that only offer a price upon request.

Don’t fancy an island in Canada? You could always pick up seventy-four acre Teardrop Island in the Philippines ($ 3,500,000), nineteen acre Society Island in French Polynesia (€ 3,500,000), and 1335 acre Dulichium Island in Greece (€ 40,000,000, although you can probably bargain way down).

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