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Which Country Has The World’s Most Powerful Passport?

The Passport Index ranks the world’s passports by the number of countries that are easily accessible by the passport holder. Which passport is the most powerful when it comes to traveling around the world? Singapore. The country earned the number-one spot after Paraguay removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, reports CNN. … Read More

Islands for Sale

This may shock you, but Canada has 109 private islands up for sale. According to private islands online, “Island buffs know that Canada has more private islands for sale than anywhere in the world.” Now you know that too. We’ve got everything from little four acre Morans Island in the … Read More

The Canadian Economy in 2012

It’s not news to report that 2011 was a tough financial year on the international front. China, this decade’s promised capitalist wave-maker, saw its economic growth continue to cool, despite inflation coming (relatively) under control. Europe started and ended the year a mess, with the bottom expected to fall out … Read More

The New Danforth

Pape and Danforth may conjure up images of family-friendly Greek restaurants, but on Saturday, when the new restaurant Local opens its doors, all that may change. Local is set in a stunning modern loft space, with exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings and subtle lighting. The self-styled supper club aims to provide … Read More

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