It Pays to Say ‘Thank You’ At Work


You’re looking for a way to motivate your employees and co-workers, but there’s not much room in the budget.


They’re probably looking for a ‘thank you’ from you; in fact, 80% of Americans say that gratitude makes them work harder, according to a new book by Janice Kaplan entitled The Gratitude Diaries.


In one study Kaplan writes about, a Harvard Business School professor had his students ask professionals for some advice regarding their cover letters. After they received suggestions, the students were to ask for help with another letter. However, half added a single sentence in their email about the first feedback: “Thank you so much! I am really grateful!”


32% of the professionals agreed to help the students a second time. However, among those who received thanks, that number became 66%.

The Takeaway

Elsewhere in her book, Kaplan also notes that 80% of Americans say they’d work harder if given gratitude, but only 10% say they express gratitude to others every day. So aim to be that 10%. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything to thank someone for something specific they did for you that day.


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