Morning People are More Punctual

The world is very roughly divided into two types of people: morning people (larks), and evening people (owls). Larks jump out of bed, raring to go, and then fizz out sometime in the afternoon, whereas owls are a bit foggy for a few hours, then perk up later in the day.

Add another factor distinguishing the two: according to a study published in Current Psychology, larks are more punctual than owls. Researchers waited for 300 students to arrive for morning lectures across fourteen courses. Their time of arrival was noted, and they filled out surveys on their personality, their chronotype (whether they were larks or owls), their punctuality in general, and their transport to university.

Personality type turned out to not matter so much when measuring the student’s punctuality (though maybe it would have mattered more if they were meeting a friend or something like that). Transportation, of course mattered a bit. However, the main factor in determining a student’s punctuality was whether they were larks or owls, with larks winning the punctuality race.

Some previous studies have shown larks to be a bit more proactive than owls, possibly suggesting that they’re better at doing the things necessary to get somewhere on time, like putting out their things the night before. Not that being an owl means you’re doomed to be late—you just might have to work a little harder to be on time, possibly whilst fighting the urge to punch one of those damn punctual larks on their way to work.



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