Think You’ll Be Fired in the Next Six Months?

Glassdoor, a popular career website, has just released their Q113 Employment Confidence Survey, and the results are a bit grim.

Caveat: the survey only concerned Americans, but given how close our economies are, the results are interesting.

One in five workers fear that their current employment is in jeopardy  and men—particularly older men—are more worried than women. Twenty three per cent of men, versus just fourteen per cent of women, fear for their job security, and the figures are further exacerbated in the 45-54 age bracket, where the numbers are thirty-four per cent versus eleven per cent.

Furthermore, younger workers are more confident in their ability to find a job should they be laid off, though that number is a mere fifty per cent, compared with thirty-six per cent of older workers feeling the same way.

Interestingly, men are far more optimistic than women when it comes to pay raises and cost of living increases. Happily, only nine per cent of all respondents think that their company is doing poorly, though optimism is mainly concentrated amongst younger workers.

[View Glassdoor’s Q113 Employment Confidence Survey here]

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