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2 thoughts on “SPONSORED Ask DailyXY”

  1. Had comments on the latest XX on XY, didn’t know where else I could post my comments.

    First of all, I think most of your articles are great. 

    This one is good info, but the title is misleading. You offer no info on how to cope, but rather a perspective of what you’re going through. 
    Still useful info, but some men may need advice on how to navigate women during this time. Understanding what women go through may not be enough for some to figure out how to cope with it. 

    Things like being supportive, not taking stuff personally, promoting physical comfort at home, just being there, stroking their heads so they still feel appreciated despite their uncontrollable moodiness, etc. 

    Keep up the great work though!!

    •  Thanks Steve.  You can always check out our Ask DailyXY Facebook app.  In the meantime, we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to stay tuned for Jowita’s follow up article.

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