Autumn Essentials for Urban Professionals

Autumn can be overwhelming: unpredictable weather, increased workloads, somber and shorter days. We’re firm believers that preparation is half the battle, so here is the necessary accoutrement for those who wish to ease into fall looking dapper, confident, and ready to take on the world. In short: No urban professional should be without…

Makr Carry Goods Horizon Three Wallet ($90)
Careerists with the money coming in, you’ll need somewhere to put it. Makr, renowned for their quality and expertise, puts production value first but keeps the customer in mind while doing so. The sleek three-card design allows not only for functionality, but also comfort. With all small items hand-sewn in-house, trust that your finances are in good hands before they’re ready to be tucked away.

Field Notes Ruled Notebook (3-pack for $10)
Notebooks are important for two things: making lists, and crossing items off of lists. Yes, yes, we know you also have an iPhone and a tablet; but nothing says hands on quite (literally) like the pocket-handy jotting pad, avec old-school pen (not included). We recommend the ruled edition, though Field Notes also makes graph and blank paper booklets. Which one would Don Draper use in 2011? Damn straight it wouldn’t be the iPad.

Fulton Oxford-1 Umbrella ($70)
The only problem with the be-all, end-all of umbrella design — the Royals exclusively use Fulton, wot! — is, go figure, choice. Part of us wants the Titan, wind-tunnel tested to 78mph, perfect for blustery business golf. We’ll go Oxford-1: extra-large canopy, extra-strong frame, doubles as a walking stick. Perhaps it’s a little early to be worrying about your back, but you never know. Regardless, Fulton umbrellas are known to last a lifetime, making this clearly a one-time investment.

Timex Easy Reader Watch ($60)
We find it impossible to avoid making the pun “the Easy Reader is timeless,” because the watch’s popularity nearly speaks for itself. Minimalist and affordable, the timepiece will have you looking your best at all hours of the day, regardless of the occasion. No gentleman should use his phone to tell the time, so do yourself a favour this fall and get an a-wrist’ed development. Just be sure to set your clocks back come November.

Corter Leather Brewster Slim iPhone Case ($37)
Tired of replacing the face of your iPhone? Eric Heins was, which is why his one-man operation, Corter Leather, offers this practical solution. By removing one of the bottom corners of the case, you need only slide your thumb across the exposed area to gain access to your phone. Never missing a call again is one upside to the case; the other is uniqueness. As Heins makes all his goods from memory, no two products are exactly alike.

Draught Dry Goods Eyewear Case ($95)
Seeming more like a sheath than a case for glasses, here is yet another handsome addition to the Draught Goods line of menswear accessories. The leather exterior paired with a waxed canvas insert ensures that you’ll look sharp while looking sharp, with little risk of breaks or scuffs. As custom initialing comes at no extra cost, this case is a must-have even for those with 20/20 vision. It suits all makes of sunglasses as well, with individual sizing available.

Warby Parker Jasper Whiskey Tortoise Sunglasses ($95)
Very few things rival a sunny autumn day, but just because summer is over doesn’t mean your eyesight is scot-free. Avoid the natural tendency to squint — and the headaches that follow — by sporting these bestinclasspolarizedlenses when out on the town. Not only does Warby Parker keep you looking good, it helps you feel good as well, donating a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair sold.

The Hill-Side Pocket Squares ($40+)
The makers of the most popular “differentiator” this spring have released their new fall line, keeping consistent their eye for unrivaled patterns and immaculate craftsmanship.  With a wide array of prints to choose from, everyone from the go-getter (“Leaf Camo”) to the timid (“Indigo Chambray”) can find something to colour an otherwise lacklustre getup.

Image courtesy of Brandon Doran.

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