Best Stuff of the Year: Objects of Desire

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or simply worship at the Temple of the Self, the love of beautiful things can be powerful enough to transcend religion. (Well, that third Temple kinda sorta is religion. Neverthless!) Put these items on your wishlist, buy them for yourself, or simply read and drool. Here, part one of our series (Part II here) on the year’s most covetable things.

Best Made Axe
With heads forged in Maine and Tennessee hickory handles, these made-to-order axes are almost too beautiful to use. Luckily, these sturdy tools — available in a range of handle designs — are as beautiful to swing as they are to admire. From $265.


ZIKMU Parrot Speakers

These Philippe Starck-designed speakers achieve the impossible: They sound as good as they look. Thanks to NXT flat panel technology, small-scale vibrations adapt to the acoustics of any room, and Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity means no chords. $1820.

Tony Hawk: Ride

Ditch the guitar for a skateboard as you enter a virtual world of urban shredding. Infrared sensors detect your every move on the deck as you nail the kickflips and 360s you’d never have the balls to attempt on concrete. $139.

Red Canoe Cessna Stow Bag

If flying lessons aren’t in the cards, opt for the next best thing: a vintage pilot’s stow bag. Meticulously reconstructed details, including a pilot’s nameplate and authentic late ’70s Cessna lettering, pair perfectly with rugged, hardwearing canvas. $90.

Zeo Sleep Coach

The headband transmits data to your bedside unit, assigning a nightly score to the quantity and quality of your sleep. The sweetest part: The alarm wakes you at a non-REM moment (within a preset range), so your dreams are never interrupted. From $249.



4 thoughts on “Best Stuff of the Year: Objects of Desire”

  1. Are you f’ing kidding me? I find a lot of things on this website somewhat useful. But I want to discontinue receiving it because I don’t want to be lumped in with the kind of moron who would buy (or shill for) a pretentious designer axe for $265. It’s like you chose the most indefensible poser possessions on the market and threw them into one package called “objects of desire”. Objects of pretension more like it.

    An axe with badges for condo owners? A fake skateboard? And a bag to pretend you’re a pilot??? COME ON!!

    How about this instead. Go buy an axe at Canadian Tire. You can get a really good one for 50 bucks, but it doesn’t come with a little pretentious boyscout badge. Then go to a cut your own tree place (they’re on the web). You can get an 8 footer for 45 bucks. Then take the $170.00 you have LEFT by NOT buying the poser axe and go down to the island for an intro flight with either Canadian Flyers or Island Air.

    You’ve now used a REAL axe, flown a REAL plane, and you are a hundred dollars richer than if you’d bought that ridiculous poser axe that I am still stunned anybody would TRY to sell.

    A new low XY. Shape up.


  2. Hmmm…didn’t I see the the EXACT same axe – and same comments associated with the axe in GQ Magazine??

    I love receiving dailyxy but hope that it can remain an original source of information.

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