Boomerang: A Car Thief’s Nightmare

You love your car. But when someone jacks it you’re extra screwed. You get hit hard with deductibles and it’s a monstrous pain to replace. Lose a second car to thieves and you may not even be eligible for insurance!

Enter this Montreal-based firm called Boomerang. It’s not cheap but covers your hood like no other protection on the market. (Thieves beware.) They cache a small transmitter somewhere in the car. Boomerang outfits any type of vehicle except motorcycles because there aren’t enough hiding spots.

Boomerang supplies a key-chained fob, which, if separated from the car, sends a signal to the main server that the car is missing. You don’t even have to report the vehicle stolen: Boomerang alerts you when it’s obvious the car is gone. Then they begin the recovery process wherein a tracker, a former cop, hunts down those stolen goods no matter which part of town or country it’s going.

What’s new with this 14 year-old company is their use of GPS technology on the cellular spectrum, which will triangulate your car’s positioning more effectively than ever before. They’ve recovered 6,604 vehicles since last October, and for all of us, that means we get to hold on to our muscle machine or crapbox a little while longer.

Depending on the province, Boomerang ranges from $700 to $900. For more information, click here.

Image courtesy of wm-jas on Flickr.

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