Cabbie Horror Stories

This past week featured several boozy Halloween themed events. So the car stayed home. During the cab rides, I asked the drivers for the scariest thing they’d ever seen on the roads.

Mohinder: “A truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed over the median. And into our lane. This was on the highway. I was doing 120km/h …but braked in time so I did not hit him. But a young woman on the phone hit me from behind. She was fine. I hurt my neck. She kept screaming at me that I’d ruined her car…she was crazy – kept screaming over and over. The police officer told her to shut up and look at the truck. ‘That caused the accident.’ Not me. Crazy.”

Clayton: “A couple of teenagers robbed me with a gun five years ago… It might’ve been a fake, but how do I know? Thing is, I couldn’t sleep at night after that, so I figured, may as well drive. So I kept doing the night shift for two years after that though I was always afraid like it was gonna happen again. But I don’t do the night shift any more. I’m too (expletive deleted) old for this.”

What about the sleep, I ask? He laughs: “I got medication for that.”

Mohammed: “Just last week, I saw a cat get hit by a car. A little girl was watching and she broke into tears. You could tell that the man who hit the cat felt terrible too. I wanted to help but what could I do? My fare was in a hurry.”

Vladimir: “A biker, he yells I cut him off. He chased my taxi, swearing at me and spitting on my windshield. ‘This is rude,’ I yell. It was night. He kicked the door. He dented it. But I hear bang and I think I hit him! I pulled over and he rides away fast. My heart was speeding. I couldn’t get my breath for nearly an hour. Maybe he was high.”

Cameron: “Scariest I ever see’s when the full moon’s the same day as when the welfare cheques arrive.”

Stay in school, kids.

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