DailyXY Summer Style Series

Loosen that tie, summer is upon us.

Thanks to our new Ask DailyXY app, we know there are many looming summer style questions. Shorts at the office? Going sock-less? The DailyXY Summer Style Series is here to help. From now until Labour Day, we’ll showcase our top picks for a more stylish summer — from sunglasses to shoes, shirts, shorts and more.

This week is a primer to help steer you in the right direction. We’ve scoured the closets of some of our favourite brands and selected a few items to make the most of these dog days of summer.

Get Creative with Colour
Answer the call of colour. There’s no shortage of cool clothes in vibrant shades out there. Colour packs a lot of personality. Embrace it, and you will, too. Don’t dodge those coloured chinos and shorts. Tone down the look with basic tees and shirts in muted tones like white, cream, grey, black or blue. Blue, by the way, is back in a big way this summer. In all its hues, this shade shines. Slip into some bright blues for a fresh look that suits just about any guy.

Keep It Clean
As the mercury rises, we’ve noticed the buttons on many guys’ shirts instantly lower. Maybe it’s some deep-rooted meteorological instinct, but we strongly advise against it. Don’t slip into slacker mode: Stand out by adopting a clean-cut, preppy look more akin to our southern neighbors than our European brethren. Go back to basics with a nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s. The polo shirt rules, as do classic cotton tees with minimal branding. Masculine Henley shirts (those lightweight long-sleeve tees that resemble a polo minus the collar) look great worn under a cotton blazer. Finish with those cotton chinos.

Print This
Polished doesn’t mean boring. Plenty of prints this summer help you pack a punch. Ginghams, checks and stripes are a safe way to show off advanced style. The more initiated can (and should) gravitate towards bolder prints like florals and paisley. Underneath a jacket or blazer, these statement shirts are subdued enough to capture more than a few interested stares from across the room without screaming “look at me.”

For more helpful hints, check out our summer style gallery shot exclusively for DailyXY.

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Photos by KyriakosGrooming by Earl Simpson at Judy Inc.

Model: Robert and Nick B. at Elmer Olsen.


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  1. I agree.  Too many guys undo too many buttons during the summer. They look like lounge-lizards or lotharios.  What’s up with that?

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