High Five for Eye-Fi

A new SD chip says vamoose to at least one of those computer cords (we’re not gonna offer you the moon here), the one that connects to your digital shutterbug. This newly released Eye-Fi SD card piggybacks off a Wi-Fi network to instantly zip those Kodak moments to your Mac or PC.

The download process is pretty easy. After installing the Eye-fi software on your computer, turn on your camera with the chip inside. When the card’s activated it’ll download photos (doesn’t support videos yet) to a specified folder in your hard drive, via your wireless router and with an indoor range of up to 45 feet.

There are two types of cards with 2GB of memory. The more expensive one, called the Share card, can instantly upload pics to networking and photo sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr. If you have any technical issues, check out the eye.fi forum board to post your own questions and peruse the posted listings.

The wireless card operates on over 700 camera models and there’s a list on eye.fi to review your snapper’s compatibility. To get the most of out of Eye-fi, bundle the card with one of these two cameras specifically made for the chip – the Nikon D60 and D90, which automatically adjust power settings for über-speedy transmissions.

Eye-Fi Home 2GB, $99.99; Eye-Fi Share 2GB, $119.99 at blackphoto.com; Nikon D60, $599.95; D90, $1,279.95 to $1,449.95 at nikon.ca.

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(Photo courtesy of Denise Chan)

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