Home Theatre: the D-Box

Think that $15,000 home theatre upgrade fulfilled your check list of entertainment goodies? Well some crafty Montreal-based engineers have concocted yet another in-house accoutrement for movie aficionados and game junkies. Dubbed the D-BOX Screening Room Series, this leather puppy appears like your run-of-the-mill lazy boy, except it’s juiced up with the company’s patented “motion special effects,” or MFX if you could believe it.
Put it this way. Say you’re kicking it to Hollywood dross like an über-octinated Keanu flick. When there’s a high-speed chase and the car crashes or Neo mind-hacks into the Matrix, you’ll simultaneously feel the force. That’s right. You’ll feel the force. This all happens with a unique language called D-Code embedded in Blu-rays and DVDs. It works like this: you replace your regular DVD or Blu-ray player with a D-Box Motion Controller player which in turn broadcasts an electronic “motion” signal via USB cord.
The result is you sensing minor to massive vibrations, thrusting backwards or forwards, shifting side to side or up and down. You can control the intensity, and they plan to incorporate live TV in the future.
The makers of D-BOX can also retrofit an existing love seat or solo sofa for between three to six thousand dollars. For gamers, there’s a skeleton-shell like seat with steering-wheel that runs on the same premise. Called the GP PRO-200, the chair will mimic on-screen action no matter if you’re fighting orcs, driving the Indy or landing a Boeing 747. For a complete list of compatible movie titles and games check out D-Box’s web site.
Screening Room Series chairs: $10,000; GP PRO-200: $15,000 (suggested retail prices). Call 1-888-442-3269 or visit d-box.com.
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