How to (Really) Quit Smoking

Like sea monkeys, the Village People and leisure suits, smoking is just not cool anymore. Still, more than five million Canadians continue to suck back cancer sticks on the regular. Why don’t they quit? Perhaps it’s because conventional approaches – the patch, the gum, old-fashioned willpower – are just too boring. In anticipation of World No Tobacco Day, which is on Sunday, we present some innovative approaches to butting out.

Frickin’ Laser Beams
Using a low-voltage laser, a doctor blasts acupuncture points on your hands, knees, and ears. Just one session can reduce physical cravings dramatically, though it won’t do much for that pesky psychological dependence. $395 per session

Quit smoking without the hassle of overcoming addiction. This rechargeable e-cigarette vaporizes tiny cartridges of liquid nicotine producing an oh-so-satisfying vapour of tobacco’s addictive element. Plus, since you’re not actually smoking, you can stick it to bylaw police and get your fix in airports, malls and even hospitals. $149

Solid Gold
Zero Smoke’s promise: Placing these 24-karat gold bio-magnets on acupressure points on your ear will release the pleasure-causing endorphins you seek, thus curbing your cravings. The best part? You can re-use the magnets to quit again and again! $39.95

Organs of Shame
With this thoughtful lung-shaped ashtray, you can remind your favourite smoker of the irrevocable damage each dart is causing his vital organs. The motion-activated hacking sounds will shame even the most unrepentant smoker. $6.78

Image courtesy of  Mandolux.

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