Overt and Covert: Decoding Her Signals

We’ve all watched that Discovery Channel special on body language where they show the cheesy video of a woman at a bar flipping her hair like she’s in fits of the zombie dance. And once you’ve watched it, you remember forever: When she flips da hair, she’s a horny!  Yeah, no. Maybe. Maybe she is horny. Or maybe she’s got a nervous tic or is turning into a zombie, or maybe she’s got some hair in her eyes and this has nothing to do with her wanting to have sex with you.

On the other hand, women do send hints that can be interpreted as flirting and after pooling my sample of girlfriends, here are some instructions on how to decipher behaviours that often get misunderstood.

“Let’s Have Coffee”
Okay, she could be a total coffee aficionado and really try to find some new friends to drink coffee with—right.  Or you could be in the same 12-step meeting and she just wants to discuss the Big Book with you and this is really about recover—right. She’s into you. (“Let’s have a drink” is a she’s-definitely-into-you but you already know that.)

“Let’s Have Coffee to Talk about the Project”
Chances are this one is really about discussing the project. Don’t get too excited.

She Brings Up Sex
This one kept coming up as one indicator that they’re interested in the guy. If she giggles at the shape of pepper mills, says something about her boobs, reveals some raunchy detail out of the blue, she could be into you. (I know some women will argue they just have sex on brain and talk that way to all men so that’s possible, but even those women will go out of their way to hold in their innuendo if they’re not into the guy.)

She Touches You
Unless she’s a waitress, working girl, or a doctor, if she touches you randomly while talking to you she’s probably into you (on the shoulder, arm, not on your ass – seriously, if you’re not sure she likes you if she’s touching you on your ass, go get yourself a pair of Crocs and mail your balls to DailyXY headquarters – you don’t need them).

She Talks to You for 10.5 Seconds
Well, depending on who you are… but if you’re Dimitri the Lover, that probably actually definitely for sure 100 per cent means that she’s really, really, really into you.

Image courtesy of meddie

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