Seduction by Wallpaper?

In the game of seduction, interior design can be a powerful weapon. So use it to your advantage. Treat your home like a part of your wardrobe. After all, you wouldn’t head out on the town without making sure your shirt, tie and shoes all coordinate (at least, not if you were hoping to return accompanied).
Follow my three S-rules: sightlines, safeness and sophistication. You can have your home tell your dates exactly what you want them to know about you.
From the entrance, keep sightlines uncluttered and focused on points of interest that lead her into the space. Placing art or photography in these spots will pique her interest. Remember: her body goes where her eyes take her.
You got her home, but a lucky new date will want to be reminded that you’re not some psycho. So make her feel safe. (That doesn’t mean hanging photos of you and Mom at graduation where everyone can see them. She knows that trick, and it doesn’t make you look sensitive or caring. Instead, try placing them off the beaten path where she can snoop around – because she will – and find them herself.) Light your halls well. Choose inviting, warm colours. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean.
Remember your home is a silent version of you. Choose furniture based on who you are, but make sure it works in the context of your place. You can be punk rock and still have taste.
Begin with these principles and you should usually find yourself with home-field advantage.

Frederick Espina

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