Small Space Design Philosophy

“We’ll take our brandy in the East Wing tonight, Jeeves.”

Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of the Toronto Interior Design Group, isn’t afraid to apply his transformative design logic to tight quarters. With just a few intelligent tips, he proves you don’t need a  multi-room manse for a style that defines you and your space.

Choose Multi-Functional Pieces
Versatile furniture is ideal for less than large spaces. Sofas that convert into beds for extra guests as well as a couple stools for extra guest seating or side tables as extra landing surfaces. Check out the sofa bed from the Yanic Simard Concept Furniture Line.

Storage is a Saviour
Nothing is worse than a small place with tons of clutter, making it appear even smaller than it is. The goal is to always keep it feeling as open and airy as possible. Consider hiding places for the items that aren’t always needed. The Gus “Modern Stump Storage Box” is perfect to host extra pillows and blankets.

Select What Reflects
Everyone has heard that mirrors make a place look larger than it is – and it’s true. Finishes like mirror, glass and polished chrome are the perfect touch in small spaces to create a clean look. Reflect whatever light you have (both natural and artificial) so that it bounces around, making everything feel more expansive.

Go Dark
Don’t be afraid of painting your walls in a darker colour. The general perception is that dark walls confine a space, when the opposite is actually true. Check out the image of a bedroom we designed – the dark feature wall adds drama and a sense of elegance to the room while keeping it masculine and clean looking. One of my personal favourite shades is Benjamin Moore’s “Gray”, 2121-10.

Keep it Organized
As hard as it may be sometimes, you have got to stay organized. Shelves do wonders when you haven’t got a lot of floor space – take full advantage of the vertical by installing shelving. If above your island is open, install floating shelves just above – but keep it tidy and don’t be afraid to show it off.

Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of the Toronto Interior Design Group

Images courtesy of Stacey Brandford.

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