The Overnight Guide to Owning a Real Apartment

The sometimes rough transition between your college life and your professional life requires a lot of personal change. Things like waking up early, taking fitness seriously and realizing a better diet are a few starting places for most men in their twenties or early thirties, and seem most obvious when … Read More

Go-Go-Gadget Apartment!

When it comes to making the most of small dwellings (like, say, editor and Canadian ex-pat, Graham Hill’s 420 sq ft Soho studio), modular furniture, floor-to-ceiling storage and a few smart design choices can seriously increase your usable space. The only downside is spending a lot of time rearranging your … Read More

Small Space Design Philosophy

“We’ll take our brandy in the East Wing tonight, Jeeves.” Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of the Toronto Interior Design Group, isn’t afraid to apply his transformative design logic to tight quarters. With just a few intelligent tips, he proves you don’t need a  multi-room manse for a style that defines you and … Read More

4 Cool Things for Small Spaces

Now that you’ve made peace with your neighbours, find some tranquility in your own space. Before you crack open that IKEA catalogue, consider these innovative items to add form and function when every square foot counts. DeskBox All the productivity of a corner office is tucked into the minimalist design of the … Read More

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