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If we had it our way, we’d live life like Batman, king of accessories. Have a problem? Nope—the utility belt has a solution in the form of a gadget. Not the world we life in, though, so these seven things will have to do.

Money Clip

Your wallet holds all kinds of useful things—like SIN cards, subway tokens, receipts—that you won’t need on a date. You need a couple of cards and a wad of bills, so leave the rest at home.


Have smartphones completely eclipsed the watch? We don’t thinks so. After all, there are plenty of occasions—like a date, for example—where pulling out a phone is in poor taste, but a quick glance at your wrist is fine.


Does anyone look good squinting? The answer is no—no one does. Get a classic pair of non-sport sunglasses and don’t let the sun distract you anymore.

Tie Bar

Your tie looks great and your tie knot makes a statement; now you just need to keep the damn thing out of your soup. Your tie doesn’t need to dangle when you lean forward, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the Dilbert look anyway. Bonus points: get a clip that matches with your other metal accessories, if you have any.

Pocket Square

Sometimes you need flair and pocket squares are a simple way to achieve said flair. A flat square keeps things conservative, a winged puff makes things interesting, and there are a dozen other folds somewhere in the middle.


No woman is going to be impressed with an umbrella. However, one thing that does impress women is foresight—so when it starts raining, you ought to have something to alleviate the problem, and that something is a well-crafted umbrella.

A Briefcase That Doubles as a Duffle Bag

It has room for your laptop, electronics, papers—and spare socks, underwear, button-down shirt, tie, and a few in-a-pinch toiletries. Just in case you need to spend the night somewhere.

This post was sponsored by Philips. The views and opinions expressed in this article, however, are purely my own.

Photo courtesy of John Blower.

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