Northern Lights Sunglasses

What do you need when the sun’s actually in your eyes and you aren’t trying to just look cool? A bit more than standard sunglasses, that’s for sure. Northern Lights, a growing Canadian brand, tackles the problem with a solution used by mountaineers for decades—leather side shields. Thus you get … Read More

Made in Shades: Finding the Perfect Sunglasses

CHECK OUT PART ONE OF OUR SUMMER STYLE SERIES The right pair of sunglasses can make you look infinitely more stylish than you feel, protect you from harmful UV rays and allow you to look without getting caught. It’s only natural that we scope out the top sunglasses of the … Read More

What Women Want (You to Wear)

I’m a sucker for a well-dressed man, especially in the summer heat. I’m not looking for cutting edge fashion; just a few judiciously chosen pieces that offer a guy that effortless, fresh from the beach look – even if he’s working hard at it, and he’s nowhere near a beach. Here … Read More

Everyday Style: Sunglasses for Gentlemen

With sunglasses, it’s important to keep the sporty and the gentlemanly looks separate. The sporty blade shades are strictly for the bicycle race or the slopes. They just don’t belong with your everyday attire. Most metal framed or lightweight sports frames are a dead ‘style impaired’ giveaway – even on … Read More

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