Sustainable Style: Canada’s Best Eco-Friendly Fashion

The series is brought to you by Cromwell & Cruthers, an eco-friendly, 100 percent natural shaving oil.

Fashion lets you project your personal philosophy to the world. Gucci loafers? You’re telling everyone “I’m a baller.” T-shirt that reads “Federal Boob Inspector”? “I like boobs.” Some clothes, however, communicate in a subtler way. These five designers work with sustainable and organic materials, creating clothes that quietly say, “I care about the planet.”

Harricana by Mariouche
Flipping the script on PETA, Harricana repurposes used pelts in the First Nations village of Loretteville. Crafted entirely of coyote fur, the Chapka hat could keep you warm at a Scandinavian ice hotel. $270. Availability.

Adbusters Blackspots
Converse became a division of Nike long ago. You may not read the anti-consumerist mag much, but these minimalist John Fluevog-designed Blackspot (pictured above) sneakers are worth considering : they’re made in a fair trade-certified factory in Pakistan and consist of hemp, recycled tires and vegan leather. US $75. Availability.

Loomstate’s grey, slim-fitting Baja board shorts stop mid-thigh; their leaf-inspired pattern is subtle and sophisticated. Made of 65 percent organic cotton and 35 percent nylon, the shorts wick water away and dry quickly. US $135. Availability.

Oom Ethikwear
This Quebec-based company, which donates proceeds back into communities, brings a philosophy of sustainable capitalism to its versatile line of organic cotton T-shirts, V-necks and polos. T-shirts, from $40. Availability.

Out of her stylish Toronto boutique, Sonja den Elzen conceives and assembles her slim-fitting, eco-friendly line. Her thin Depp shorts are made completely of organic linen, so they’re cool and light for summer wear. Price available upon request.

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