Real Estate: To Buy or Not to Buy?

DailyXY’s MoneyGuy blog is sponsored by RBC If you’re like most Canadians, the question of home ownership is when, not if. The positives of home ownership are deeply ingrained in our minds: the barbecues, the driveway ball hockey, the preferential tax treatment, the security. Likely, you’ll buy a house as … Read More

Where to Buy Groceries in Toronto

Big-brand supermarkets are like malls: Clean, efficient and slightly alienating. We prefer to buy food from somewhere neighbourhood-oriented — and preferably not publicly traded. Herewith, where to buy good, fresh groceries in Toronto. Fiesta Farms For 20-plus years, Fiesta has been offering quality produce, meat, ethnic ingredients and knowledgeable staff. … Read More

How to Make Your First Million

DailyXY’s MoneyGuy blog is sponsored by RBC Not born rich? If you’re going to be a millionaire by age 65, you’ll probably need to save about 10 per cent of your net income, starting at age 25. Skip Saving that 10 percent will likely mean forgoing impractical but sexy two-seaters … Read More

The Summer’s Best Flip-Flops

Ask Mr. Smith, and he’ll tell you that flip-flops are decidedly inelegant, appropriate for the beach, the yard, and not much else. Still, there’s no denying that flip-flops are a summer essential, and even if you only wear them on the dock, you know well that there’s no holiday from … Read More

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