Talk and Drive: The Best Bluetooth Units

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We’ll concede that the Bluetooth headset, though douchey when worn as a fashion accessory, has some serious practical value, especially on the road. Still, we’re thrilled to see a new crop of alternatives for chatty drivers. Here, some highlights.

For Eco-Geeks: Iqua Sun Vizor
If old batteries stress out your eco-conscience, consider this solar-powered option. It holds a charge for up to 20 hours, so you can talk – and talk, and talk – till the sun goes down. And then comes up again. US $110


For Bikers: Nolan N-102 Helmet
Bikers face a unique challenge: How to have a conversation at 100 km/h without sounding like you’re in a wind tunnel. Enter the N-102, complete with internal microphone and noise-cancelling technology. Plus, the shaded VPS (Vision Protection System) means you can see as clearly as you hear. US $276


For Minimalists: Yada Bluetooth
Clip this clever piece of gadgetry over your rear-view mirror, and you’ll see call info displayed on the mirror itself. Voice-dialling means you never fumble with buttons; plus, you don’t have to worry about theft. Because honestly, who steals a mirror? $150


For Ballers: JVC El Kameleon
The ironically named Kameleon is like your home entertainment system, in miniature: It includes a 5.4” touchscreen, an auxiliary input, a DVD player and a remote control. Also: phone calls! US $490


The Focused Driver: Parrot MKi9200
If taking your eyes – or hands – off the wheel makes you anxious, opt for this model’s supreme streamlining: The control pad clips right onto your wheel. Check the accompanying colour screen at stoplights. $400


Image courtesy of Poka0059.


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  1. geez guys, how many people died this month talking on their cell phones while driving or crossing the street in Toronto alone?

    fucking bad taste. Way to go to promote stupidity.

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