The Best Gloves for Guys

Because it’s damn cold out there, and because it’s always nice to have the same number of fingers at the end of the season as you did at the beginning, we present the best gloves for guys.

Roots Doug Flip
No longer the exclusive domain of smokers and vagabonds, the fingerless glove is perfect for dexterity-loving dudes. Made with wool and Thinsulate, this pair’s magnetic flip closure works way better than the typical Velcro. $32.

Danier Leather (pictured above)
For classic elegance and natural warmth, nothing beats unadorned leather gloves. Casual enough to wear every day, yet stylish enough to wear with a suit and topcoat, this pair includes snug wool cuffs, proving that functionality can be formal. $44

MEC Reentry
If you’re planning a cold-weather adventure, opt for these waterproof yet breathable gloves, made with Gore-Tex, Hypalon palm gripping material, and a shell of Swiss-made Schoeller stretch-woven fabric. Removable fleece-and-Schoeller liners can be worn in milder conditions. $66

Raf Simons Long
For guys seeking something unique – or guys with uniquely long arms – Belgian designer Raf Simons has crafted these eye-catching orange-accented gloves, with a slim, elongated cuff. Once the luxe Italian wool touches your skin, you’ll wish it didn’t end at your elbow. $113


Costume National Deerskin
The ultimate glove for the uncompromising gent: Supple deerskin is lined with cashmere to create gloves so comfortable, you’ll wear them to bed. Maybe. Combine timeless style with uber-premium materials and suddenly your childhood mittens don’t seem so great anymore. $415


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  1. You’ll get excellent deerskin/cashmere gloves from Shawcross of Winnipeg – – for much less than $415! I’ve been buying from them for 20 years (though they wear so well, that doesn’t represent much business for the Shawcrosses.

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