The Invisible Man Presents: Hot Air Skincare

Keeping cool in the summertime is generally a matter of being in the right place at the right time — which is to say, indoors, during as many daylight hours as possible. Of course, given that we all have social lives, jobs, and a vested interest in fresh air and physical activity, leaving the comfortable embrace of conditioned air is a necessary evil.

But as record heat blankets parts of the country, and temperatures continue to rise, precautions must be taken for men who brave the brighter side and dare to play in the sunshine. We’ve picked out four subtle measures for the man on the go — none of which will actually be visible to the naked eye, and all of which will keep you on the right side of the melting point.

Verdon Energy Moisturizer
Everybody wants to have a healthy glow, but our sebaceous glands kick into overdrive during these warmer months, producing what can best be described as “shine.” Not ideal. Verdon’s Energy Moisturizer adds moisture to the skin while leaving a matte finish that curbs the appearance of grease. It also purports to help keep skin clear of blemishes — a welcome feature to any skincare product’s arsenal. $28.

Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm
New York City-based Malin+Goetz is well-known for its scented candles, moisturizers, and fragrance; Mojito Lip Balm is a quiet favourite that only recently returned to the brand’s product line. It does what you think it does: soothes chapped and dry lips. But it’s mojito-scented! Anyone who has had a whiff of their Rum Tonic candle or eau de toilette knows what this company can do with a boozy scent, and this balm is no exception. $12.

Brut Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant Stick
Anti-perspirant doesn’t agree with everyone’s body chemistry, but for those that can use it, there’s no better way to stay dry. Brut’s offering in this area comes in the form of an opaque white stick that goes on completely transparent without leaving residue — perfect for the tank top-inclined. $3.37.

Heely Sel Marin
Most great scents can be worn year-round, and Heeley’s Sel Marin is no exception. But this eau de parfum really comes to life in the warmer months, when thoughts of seawater and an urge to be near the ocean naturally wend their way through our national consciousness. One spray of the aptly named Sel Marin is enough to bring these thoughts into greater focus, its fresh base complementing lighter notes of vetiver and a faint sweetness that is vaguely reminiscent of honeydew. It’s just bold enough to evoke all the right feelings, and just modest enough not to overpower. $150.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Lotions
It goes without saying, but if you’re spending time in the sun, you’ll need to wear protection. We like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer line for their variety in SPF ratings (30-100), UVA and UVB protection, and huge range in customized products. Ultra Sheer comes as a cream or a body mist, and each has its share of options, including Sport Lotion and Face Lotion. $16.

Image courtesy of jcoterhals.

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