The Portable Speakers Roundup

You’ve got your entire music library in the palm of your hands, but when the mood to party strikes and you’re on the road, will you be ready? Here, a roundup of four of our favourite portable speaker systems.

Porto Go Speakers (picture above)
Like a modern day ghetto blaster, these Scandinavian speakers – which one reviewer described as a “portable sound revolution” – are perfect for accompanying you on a stroll through the ‘hood. The sturdy leather casing holds a robust 2-kilogram system: The sound maxes out at 100 decibels – about as loud as a motorcycle’s revving engine. $299

iHome Rechargeable Mini Speakers
These microscopic accordion-like speakers fold out to offer surprisingly big sound. Don’t expect a bass with much thump, though; if you’re blaring Lil’ Jon, these speakers may seem a touch on the skimpy side. Better for cocktails than crunk. $59.99

Nokia MD-7W Bluetooth Speakers
If you’ve squeezed a jukebox into your BlackBerry (or iPhone), try these Swedish-made Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to connect to wirelessly – a rarity among portable speakers. Set up is stunningly simple, and the sound produced is balanced and warm, with a distinct absence of tinniness. $130

Sonic Impact iFusion IF3
The Hummer of portable speakers, the iFusion is tough, durable and a touch clunky. But they also come loaded with extras, including a built-in FM radio and an alarm clock. Plus, they fold in half and zip up to make a handy carrying case for your iPod. $169

Image courtesy of audio pro.

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