Toys for boys and girls

With sex toys offering everything from programmable pulsing sensations, rechargeable batteries and enough power to get a small country off, it’s gotta be tough for the boys not to feel relegated to the sidelines. Luckily, there are some fabulous new toys for couples that can bring guys back into the game, just in time for the gift-giving season.

The Come Together Set Vibrating Ring ($29) features a super stretchy ring that fits around the base of the penis to which is attached a small vibrator for hands-free clitoral stimulation (so your hands can be busy elsewhere. And it’s waterproof making bath time much more fun.

Bump and Grind Vibrating Ring ($65.85) is a slightly fancier version of the cock ring and vibrator concept that adds clitoral stimulation during penetration to the mix. The cock-ring and vibrating effect makes it fun for boys too. Two ride for the price of one!

Commander Duo Set ($50): One of my favourite toys is the bullet so if one bullet is great, two has to be, well, even greater. Two Commander vibrating bullets are attached to the same control making it great for sharing.

The Mini Double Dolphin ($42): If two bullets are better than one, imagine a cock ring with a bullet for her and one for him. And no cords to get tangled up in. The rubber ring fits over his penis while two sleeves holding cordless bullets are attached to both the bottom and top of the ring, giving her clitoral stimulation while his testicles get it from below.

Elastomer Cock Ring ($12): Cock rings are an inexpensive and simple way to turn things up a notch by making him all the man he can be providing a nice, firm erection for her and that nice, hard stand-at-attention feeling for him. This one’s made of elastomer rubber so no worries about latex

Lasso ($10): A super simple rubber ring that’s fully adjustable using the sliding wooden bead.

Leather C&B Ring ($18): Let the boys join in on the fun with a leather cock ring enhanced by two additional straps that wrap around and delicately separate the scrotum. You’ll both like the way you look and feel in it.

Above products available at Good For Her (175 Harbord) and Come As You Are (701 Queen St. W).

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