Trim the Nose Forest

It’s one of life’s cruelest ironies: Just as the hair starts disappearing from your head it shows up a few inches lower, inside your nose. Clear that unwieldy nostril forest with one of these indispensable tools.

Zwilling/J.A. Henckels Nose Hair Trimmer
Insert these stainless steel trimmers up your nostril and squeeze the trigger. Rotating manual trimmers promise precise and painless trimming of nose hairs without any fuss. Not quite as effective in grasping hair as you’d hope, but handy nonetheless. $25

Wahl Spotlight Personal Trimmer

Nose hairs can run but they can’t hide. This high-tech trimmer’s “Acculight” mini-spotlight shines on out-of-sight nose hair, while the high-grade steel blade “MicroCut” cutting system clear cuts the forest in your sniffer. $16.88

Tweezerman – Nose Hair Clippers
Suggesting tweezers for nose hair removal is like suggesting waterboarding for interrogation: It’s just torture. These low-cost trimmers may look like a normal set of tweezers, but instead of yanking, they clip protruding hairs with their rounded stainless-steel blades. Obama would approve. $9

Panasonic ER430K
Sixty hypoallergenic stainless steel blades quickly do away with unwanted hair, while an on-board vacuum sucks up all those trimmings other devices leave behind. Also works on ears! $49.99

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