Why Sex is the Best Medicine

A recent medical study says that frequent sex is the equivalent, on the happiness scale, of an extra $50,000 a year in income. Which got us thinking, what are the other benefits of getting laid as often as possible? We’ve compiled our findings here in a handy list of ten reasons to have sex – a lot. As if we needed more than one.

1. It reduces your chance of getting cancer. (Just don’t have a cigarette after.)

2. It lessens your chances of catching a cold. (But we still recommend washing your hands once you’re done.)

3. It retards the effects of aging. (Hugh Hefner – enough said.)

4. It can keep you from gaining weight. (So that’s how Mick Jagger does it.)

5. It promotes a healthier heart. (Now you can tell her she’ll always have a place in your heart – with a straight face.)

6. It reduces stress. (Still not recommended for the office though.)

7. It improves your sense of smell. (We can’t make this funnier.)

8. It can make you more attractive. (Vicious cycle, isn’t it?)

9. It can make you feel richer. (Unless you’re paying for it.)

10. It makes you happier. (Duh).

Howard Bowater and Steven Bochenek

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