Win-Win Gifts for Her (and You)

If you’ve got a lady in your life, shelling out for a holiday gift is all but inevitable. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little something for yourself in the process. There are plenty of win-win gifts to find — just don’t get her a bowling ball with your name on it.

1. Weekend in Vegas
Take her to the hot, hot desert with a visit to a high-end spot, like the Wynn’s new property, Encore. Drop her off at the spa and head directly to the poker table.

2. DVD of “30 Rock
You could never get away with a guy series like The Wire, but Tracy Morgan’s antics cross gender barriers.

3. Lingerie
The classic for-you-but-really-for-me gift, nothing baffles men more than the idea that a satin slip counts as a gift we are giving, not receiving.

4. Bra and Panties
See above. Anything that encourages her to lounge around in her skivvies is good in our books.

5. Scuba Lessons for Two

Scuba is a rare sport that fulfills your adrenaline cravings but appeals to her love of nature.

6. GPS
Though this veers toward the practical, it will save you the trouble of a lost, late or angry woman – especially since the three tend to go together.

7. Cooking Classes
To avoid any perceived insult to her cooking abilities, spring for the best, like Montreal’s Mezza Luna, where celeb chef Martin Picard teaches.

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