Work it Out: The Best Desks

A couple of friends of mine both work from home as employees of technology giants IBM and EMC. A few more of my friends work as freelancers from home offices. I maintain a downtown office, but I also really enjoy the peace and quiet of working from my home office.

For most, a home office means having a well-designed desk. The most important aspect when searching for a desk is size of work surface and if it accommodates your needs. Your desk should offer a solid structure without any flex or wobbles. Inevitably you will be spending a fair bit of time working at your desk, so choose something that you really like. Of course desks are available in a wide range of price points, but here are a few of my favourites:

Go-cart Desk by CB2
The Go-cart desk is a good alternative for the budget-minded. It is made of steel with a carbon powder coat finish, and it comes with modern casters giving the unit a nifty industrial look. US $149.

Strut by Blu Dot (pictured above)
A great balance of structure and design, this table makes a great desk.  It has a powder-coated steel frame and a top made of MDF with a durable polyurethane finish. It is available in two widths, 74” and 90”, and it comes in a variety of colours, my favourite being robin’s egg blue. US $1,099 & US $1,299.

Less Desk by Unifor
Designed by Jean Nouvel, this desk is a stunning piece of design and it’s the desk that I have in my home office. It has a look of elegant simplicity, achieved through a technique of bending steel in an origami fashion providing for a thin profile edge, while the folded underbelly of the desk provides structural rigidity. It has an elegant simplicity and is already considered by many to be a design classic. US $4,000.

Less Desk_3

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