Time’s Ticking: Five Signs She Wants You to Propose

This story marks the first in a multi-part series we’re running, A Guy’s Guide to Getting Hitched. XX writer Anna will offer insights and tips to guide you from the days leading up to your engagement to those following your wedding.

There comes a point in every relationship where you’ve got to make a decision, to – I’ll put this delicately – crap or get off the pot. But how do you know when that time arrives? Perhaps you’ll just intuit it; one morning, you’ll wake up and decide, She’s the one. More often, however, she’ll offer you some strong indications that the end (of singledom) is nigh. Five signs she wants you to put a ring on it.

1. Post-Wedding Sex
For marriage-minded women, other people’s weddings are emotionally – and erotically – charged events. Don’t be surprised if you’re treated to some earth-shaking sex after the reception.

2. Special Occasion Anxiety
You splash out for a fancy dinner on her birthday, only to end the night with a big fight over some trivial issue. She won’t admit it, but she’s cranky because she’s expecting the ring to appear any minute (and she’s disappointed when it doesn’t).

3. Diamond Detours
On the way to Future Shop, she takes you on a “shortcut” through Birk’s — and by the time you leave, you know the difference between a trellis and a bezel-set solitaire.

4. Parental Pressure
She may act like nothing’s up, but dinner at her folks’ place turns into a CIA-style interrogation about your career potential and your views of children. (Waterboarding, however, is a red flag.)

5. The Magazines
She couldn’t be more obvious if she hit you over the head with a 500-page copy of Martha Stewart Weddings. Which, incidentally, is sitting on your coffee table. Right beside that Tiffany’s brochure.

Image courtesy of daveybot on Flickr.

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