The Disruptors: Roope Heinilä of Smarp

The Disruptors is Pursuit’s monthly feature that showcases thought leaders and CEOs who are changing the way we do business, how we perceive the startup landscape, taking ideas to the next level. It is where innovation meets a created market where none existed before. BIO: Roope Heinilä founded Smarp in … Read More

2013 Tesla Model S Review

“Did it catch fire?” No, it bloody well didn’t. Everyone’s first reaction upon hearing that I’d been off driving the all-electric super-saloon was to enquire about the flammability of said machine. Look, the Model S isn’t the spontaneous combusting type. That’s the other guys. You know what did catch fire? … Read More

2013 Infiniti JX Review

Searching for a luxury SUV that seats seven? If you’ve podded out (or are about to), the 2013 Infiniti JX, recently tested in Charleston, S.C., will haul around your entire family at a supremely competitive price, considering the many extras that come standard. Seven-in-One The JX is big enough to … Read More

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