Calgary’s Best Second-Hand Furniture Shops

Calgary is sorely lacking in second-hand furniture stores; there are exactly four worth mentioning. This makes sourcing gems a challenge, but there are diamonds to be found in the rough. Here, Calgary’s best vintage furniture stores. Mid-Century Dweller This brand-spanking new shop on the Inglewood strip is a must-visit for … Read More

Vancouver’s Best Secondhand Furniture Shops

A long day at Ikea won’t help you stand out from every other dude on the block, but a visit to these secondhand shops will do the trick. Attic Treasures Replicate your grandma’s kitchen with a 1950s chrome-plated table and vinyl chairs. Some classic sets have been spotted at this … Read More

Montreal’s Best Second-Hand Furniture Shops

Tired of walking the Ikea maze? Buying furniture on a budget need not ruin your day – or your relationship. Enjoy some new scenery – and old things – at one of Montreal’s best second-hand furniture shops. You never know what treasures you’ll find at the St. Michel Flea Market, … Read More

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