10 years of the iPhone: From first demo to world domination

“Thank you for coming… We’re going to make some history here today.” That’s how Steve Jobs began his speech 10 years ago as he introduced the first iPhone to the world.

At the time, he actually claimed to be introducing three ground breaking devices to the Macworld audience. Jobs said that he would be showing them:

  • A widescreen iPod with touchscreen controls
  • A revolutionary mobile phone
  • And a breakthrough Internet communications device

Of course, those three devices all turned out to be one item: the iPhone. (Which is why its working title before the launch was actually the “triPod.” (An advanced iPod that was three things in one.)

Here is Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone.

Back in 2007, Palm, Windows, and especially Blackberry were the big names in smartphones – devices that had physical QWERTY keyboards and were almost exclusively considered business tools.

The iPhone changed everything. Smartphones have become must-have devices for the everyday consumer as well as for business people. They now all have multitouch screens, and virtually no smartphone ships with a keyboard anymore.

Here is an infographic that illustrates the 10 years of the iPhone from demo to domination.

Source: The infographic was prepared by https://www.neerjasoftwares.com/, I found it here.

Want to see what’s next for the iPhone? There’s a new video on the web that claims to be a first leaked look at the iPhone 8. You can see it here.

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