Awesome (and Affordable) Art at YellowKorner Toronto

I move houses a lot. As a guy who’s constantly overseas, shackin’ up and breakin’ up, downsizing or upgrading, I’ve suffered endless viewings. I’ve seen everything from dives with holes in the ceiling to palaces with gas fireplaces.

But every place has one thing in common. I’m convinced that all landlords and condo developers are taught on day one of real estate school to paint their walls eggshell. Off-white isn’t a deal breaker, it’s just not terribly exciting. So you’re left with two decorating options: scotch tape those band posters from your dorm room up again, or invest in grown-up art.

Classing up your joint can be painfully pricey, and Toronto’s newest gallery sympathizes. YellowKorner, the international network of 32 galleries, serves up high quality, limited edition photography at prices that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

“At their Paris gallery I fell in love with the concept,” says Blair Trudell, co-founder of YellowKorner Toronto, a Canadian first that opened at the Shops at Don Mills in August. “The prints are not mass-produced, but also affordable.”

Cost aside, a first visit to an art gallery can be intimidating. But the laid-back staff at YellowKorner have created a space that’s comfortable and accessible. “The experience of buying art is quite wonderful, and we want to give that to as many people as possible,” says Trudell. Nobody will be quizzed on the finer points of pointillism.

What will a few fine photos set you back? Size matters, of course, but you can walk away with a new masterpiece for between $67 and $3,000. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in their impressive 1,500 sq ft gallery, their website hosts a massive array of limited edition artists’ work. Trudell has been amazed by YellowKorner’s reception in Toronto, and is hoping to open a Montreal location in December.

Guys, we spend enough time at work and deserve to relax at the end of the day. Why not beautify those office or condo walls? Life’s too short for eggshell.

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