Montreal’s Bar Furco

It was only last Thursday that Bar Furco opened their doors near Montreal’s financial district. Entering the spot, there’s something immediately familiar about its ambiance: perhaps something about its openness, or the raw and minimal décor. Slowly, you realize that Furco has a charm borrowed—or better, aggregated—from the city’s finest mainstays. The niche it carves for itself is one of careful perfection, hidden beneath an aloofness that’s anything but pretentious.

JF—the jack-of-all-trades, partner/manager—managed at Baldwin Barmacie for just over 6 years. He’s used this expertise to craft one of the more basic, but indefinitely incredible, cocktail menus in the city. We gulped a Hendrick’s and smashed cucumber on the rocks, its simplicity the only thing suitable after a day at the office. The wine list is equally impressive: gorgeous magnums by the glass for under a tenner, in both red and white.

Joelle, who cooked at Buvette Chez Simone for 4 years, has a hard time describing her menu. Overhead, the names of plates are scrawled across several pieces of paper, hung from a line like laundered sheets. The menu is dictated by whatever is freshest from Jean-Talon Market, delivered straight to Furco’s doorstep, and changes every few weeks in order to highlight the best produce available.

The dishes can’t be categorized as trendy tapas or as small-portioned finger food. Even so, she suggests ordering two or three plates, as the menu is designed to offer multiple courses without bloating your belly. We’ve dubbed it “elevated bistro-kitchen.” Given the constant switch-ups, it’s hard to provide recommendations, but anything that showcases a food’s integrity will do more than satisfy: pray you catch ‘em on a week with beef tartar.

Furco’s dream team doesn’t stop with these two—they’ve roped in a gorgeous and talented staff from all your favourite bars in Montreal. With DJs spinning hip-hop, indie and low-key house from Wednesday to Sunday, you’ll know where to find us most nights of the week.

Bar Furco, 425 Mayor St., 514-764-3588

Image courtesy of mugfaker.

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