Review: Billy 55 Green Tea Cigarettes

Want to wean yourself off nicotine? Well, quitting cigarettes is tough but doable—about 46% of smokers in our age bracket (25-44) are able to do it. If you need to make it a little easier though, you might consider nicotine and tobacco free cigarettes, like Billy 55 ($22 per carton).

Now on indigogo, Billy 55s are made with green tea instead of tobacco. They come in regular and menthol, and the regulars have a taste that takes a little bit of getting used to. However, the rest of the experience is pretty much the same. They pull like regular cigarettes, burn at the same rate, and feel just like smoking a regular cigarette.

If you’re trying the quit, the idea is that you start smoking Billy 55s along with regular cigarettes, and then slowly transition to only Billy 55s, thus weaning yourself off nicotine.

This isn’t to say that green tea cigarettes are healthy, though. They lack the nicotine, tobacco, and dozens of carcinogens added to regular cigarettes, but they still produce tar and carbon monoxide. Still, if you can’t go cold turkey, you might try quitting with the help of green tea.

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