Suspect that your dirtbag neighbour is swiping your newspaper? If you’re an IT guy, you’re probably visiting a spy store, hooking up a pinhole camera, linking it up to your personal server, and getting ready to publicly shame him over YouTube. If you’re like the rest of us—i.e., you require something a bit more turnkey—there’s the DropCam ($140).

Here’s how you set it up: connect it to your Wi-Fi, put it where you want, and create an account at DropCam. Boom, you’re recording video.

If you want piece of mind while you’re travelling, you can get a DropCam app for Android or iOS. If you need a hellova lot of piece of mind—say, you’re using DropCam as security for a small business or something—you can pay for DVR service and review up to thirty days of video.

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