LAPD Nearly Takes Down Call of Duty Character

The Los Angeles Police Department stormed the offices of video game developer Robotoki last week with weapons drawn, according to PolygonThe reason? An employee mistakenly used a newly installed panic button, and the police thought a life-sized statue of a Call of Duty character was a real gunman.

A picture tweeted by Robotoki founder Robert Bowling after the event shows why the LAPD took the situation very seriously when responding to the alarm and approaching the building.


Call of Duty Statue

There’s no wonder why police officers mistakenly took the statue as a real life gunman and entered the building in combat mode. Bowling was the only person working in the office at that time and was quickly taken into custody, the LAPD not sure if he was a hostage or an accomplice.

Once the officers found there was nothing dangerous in the building, they released Bowling and told him they nearly “took out” the statue of Simon Riley, a character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They then proceeded to play some video games. What a happy ending.

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