Gigs 2 Go: Tear & Share Thumb Drives

We came across these tear and share thumb drives in April, when they were only a concept, and back then we had one question for Gigs 2 Go: why on earth weren’t they a real think we could buy? Well, we mustn’t have been the only ones, because Gigs 2 Go just launched a kickstarter for their Tear & Share Thumb Drives.

Here’s how it works: You get a pack of four thumb drives. The pack is no larger than a credit card, it’s made of recycled paper, as the name suggests, you just need to tear one off the pack when you need to share files with someone. They come in two, four, and eight gig versions, and there’s also a business version that’ll have your logo and pre-loaded files on it. We still think it’s one of the best ideas we’ve heard all year.

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