Hot Tub Boat

We love the lake—fresh air, trees, sunlight, and the fact that Canada has plenty of ‘em to visit. But you know what the problem with lakes is? They lack heated water and jets. So, how do we solve this problem? Hot tub boat, that’s how.

For a scant $42,000, you too can own your very own hot tub boat. Sit in clean heated water aboard a sixteen foot electric boat, afloat in regular ‘ol lake water—or motor along at five, count ‘em, five miles per hour . . . or four knots, in case you’ve ever been on a grown-up boat. Also, the pilot doesn’t need to leave the comfort of the hot tub. He or she can pilot this inception of boats via a joystick towards the aft.

And a full load of heated water isn’t your only luxury. The hot tub boat also has a waterproof sound system, four built-in coolers, and is finished in African teak, complete with a swim step in case you want to alternate between lake swimming and hot tubbin’.

Say it with us one more time: hot tub boat. That’s right.

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