The HotTug

Let’s say you like the lake, but would prefer water without fish poop. That’s also heated. By a wood-fired stove.

Ordinarily, we’d point you towards the hot tub boat offered by Hammacher Schlemmer (for $42,000), and then we’d wonder what else you’d be willing to spend your money on. Here’s the thing, though: that hot tub boat isn’t heated by a wood-fired stove. What’s a hot tub connoisseur to do, just sit in a regular, non-boat hot tub?

Well, not anymore. Now you can buy a HotTug ($30,000), which finally bring the power of wood-fire to the hot tub boat industry. Which is now apparently a thing. The HotTug fits six to eight people, fills in about two hours, and heats up in the same. After all, you’d hate to wait for your hot tub boating expedition.

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