Hot Tub Hammock

Sick of tooling around the lake in your hot tub boat? Well, why not relax in your hot tub hammock? Starting at $280, this hot tub hammock is now funding on Kickstarter. How’s it work? We have no idea and don’t even care. The point is: the two most comfortable … Read More

Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

We’re into the wilderness, despite its notable lack of hot tubs. We’d hold out for a hot spring, but thanks to this collapsible hot tub from Nomad ($999), we don’t have to. The whole thing will fit into a duffle bag, weights fifty pounds, and you can set up the … Read More

The HotTug

Let’s say you like the lake, but would prefer water without fish poop. That’s also heated. By a wood-fired stove. Ordinarily, we’d point you towards the hot tub boat offered by Hammacher Schlemmer (for $42,000), and then we’d wonder what else you’d be willing to spend your money on. Here’s … Read More

Dutchtub Wood

In the market for a hot tub, but want something a little rustic? They check out the Dutchtub Wood ($8,400), which is, appropriately enough, a wood-fired hot tub. You chop some wood, throw it into the coils, light a fire, and then jump in. Cold water at the bottom of … Read More

Lake louise

Driving Distance, Calgary: Banff

Now that Whistler has been transformed into a five ring circus, we’re heading to Canada’s second most famous ski town, a less-than-two-hour drive from Calgary. Sitting in Canada’s third-oldest national park, Banff is home to mind-melting landscapes, world-class dining and hordes of international coeds. Oh, and the skiing’s half-decent, too. … Read More

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