Some people like buying new stuff when their old stuff breaks or wears out. Not us. We like fixing our old stuff, thanks, and if you feel the same way, check out ifixit.

ifixit is sort of a one-stop shop for people who want to fix their old electronics and other gadgets. There is a section of guides, with detailed instructions on how to repair everything from your latest iPhone to your ageing Yamaha keyboard, from your old-school polaroid camera to your second-hand Harley.

There is also a section of questions and answers, since that’s the best way to learn. You can sort by devices or most helpful if you’re looking for advice, or by unresolved or unanswered questions if you’re looking to impart some wisdom.

Finally, there is, of course, a store, full of all the parts and tools you need. The people at ifixit also package parts into kits, designed to solve specific issues. Rather helpfully, the entries are very clear about what devices are compatible with what parts, and what you get for your buck.

So, ready to be bit by the repair bug? Next time you’re out of warranty, check out ifixit.

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