Ready to spend $6,700, $8,800, or even $9,200 on the most unique iPod dock ever? Then check out the iXoost. Yeah, those are car headers. Yeah, they’re piping out the sound of an iPod.

Who made this crazy thing? In their own words, “Our world has honed our sense of passion, but we need to experience that passion first hand. This is the only way we can pass on the values and concepts that make all the difference to what we do. Peasants or technicians? Or wizards who transform blueprints into real things? And of course the things that come out of Modena are, first and foremost, strong emotions.”

Since that was hot nonsense, we can conclude that the artists making these things are nuts and bad at communicating effectively. That said, they make cool stuff, and you can order your iXoost with eight cylinders, ten cylinders, or twelve cylinders.

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