Life-Spot Charging Station

We doubt that we need to explain the problem, but here we go: you have a million devices in your life, and they all need charging. Oh, and if you have friends or family over, they have a million devices that also need charging—and since it’s doubtful that they’re travelling with a convenient back-up battery, you’ll need another solution.

Hopefully, that solution will be Life-Spot. They’ve just launched their Kickstarter, and they’re nearly there; it turns out, a lot of people really, really want a convenient way to charge a bunch of stuff.

This is how it works: you pug your Life-Spot into an outlet. Then you can put it on a desk, mount it to a wall—whatever. Then, you can plug in any (ANY!) phone or device, put said phone or device on one of the built-in shelves, and leave it. It comes with Apple 30pin connectors, Apple lighting connectors, micro USBs, and a bunch of retractable cables. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if charging stations like this become standard in all homes . . . well, until they invent efficient cordless charging, anyway.

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