We know how it is: you reach for one of your ten iPads, and it turns out they’re all nearly dead!

Granted, the individual is unlikely to run into this problem, unless said individual has a boatload of spoilt kids, but more and more businesses and institutions are using iPads, and damn if those things don’t burn through power. That’s why iLuv has the MultiCharger-X ($800).

As the name suggests, the MultiCharger-X charges multiple iPads. Ten of them, in fact—although, if you’re the slightest bit handy, you could daisy-chain a bunch of iPads together and then charge thirty at once. Or, if you’re flush with cash, you could buy and bunch of Multicharger-Xs, since they’re stackable. They’re also on wheels, have built-in handles, and have locking doors, since we like our iPads secure but mobile.

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