Neurio: Home Intelligence

Want to control your home appliances with a smartphone? Here’s a step in that direction: Neurio, which launched on Kickstarter this week. It’s basically three things: a wifi-enabled sensor that you install onto your breaker panel, allowing you to track how energy is used throughout your home, a cloud service by Neurio’s creators, which processes the data, and an app called Wattson, which allows you to manage your energy.

If you’re something of a tinkerer, you can use Neurio, along with third-party appications, or even your own, to start turning your home appliances into smart appliances. You could set up your coffee maker to turn on twenty minutes before you’re home, or arrange it so that your smartphone alerts you whenever your garage door is activated.

Even if you’re not much of a techie, Neurio can help you track energy trends in your home, lower your power bill, or just figure out when you’ve left something running.

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